RoboLamp – Physical Computing Final Project

Robolamp was my final project for the physical computing class at ITP.

The idea behind the project was to put life into the regular day inanimate objects around us and make the interactions with them more interesting. So here the user can control or rather direct the position of the lamp by moving his/her hands around it.

The image below shows the first prototype, which had two degrees of freedom, and was manually commanded to move to specific positions.

The image below shows the final working prototype of Robolamp. The user gently moves his/her hand around the lamp to position it.

On the technical side it is equipped with four range sensors, one of each side of the head, which detect the presence of a persons hand around it and command the servo motors to move the lamp in the other direction. Its equipped with one servo motor in the bottom, for left-right movement and two in the arms for up-down movement, making it possible to place the head of the lamp almost anywhere.

The video below show the final working prototype.


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