Shadow Pixels

This was the first assignment that I did for my Pixel by Pixel class by Dany Rozin. The aim of the assignment was to create an image using physical pixels. Not using a computer but by using physical objects.

So I thought about creating an image through shadow pixels, meaning that each pixel would have its darkness value based on the length of the shadow that the corresponding piece of cardboard casts.

So here is the original image.

I first converted it into a gray scale image.

Then reduced it to a size of 30×20, which amounts to 600 pixels which is quite big for creating manually.
Here is the pixelated image zoomed in.

Now once I had the image pixelated, I converted that into a 10 tone image.
After which I attributed each pixel a number between 0 to 9, white being 0 and black being 9

Then I cut small pieces of cardboard corresponding the number in size. Meaning where ever there was 0 there would be no cardboard, 1 would mean a cardboard of lenght 1 mm, 2 would be 2 mm so on and so forth. Each row was also at a distance of 1 cm from each other.

This is how the board looked after I was done.

So my guess was that when light is incident at 45 degrees to the board, the length of the shadow of each piece would correspond to the darkness of the pixel at that place.

And when you do see the board from a distance you can see the whole image.


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