Rube Goldberg Machine

Last week we had our first assignment for the Mechanisms class, where in we were supposed to make a Rube Goldberg machine(Similar to the popular Honda Ad) which would have five energy transfers from the point where you initiate the system and eventual would crack an egg!!! Another requirement was that complete egg should be collected in a container with not more than 50% of the egg shell.

On the first day of our group meeting we all started coming up with ideas as to what we wanted to do for it, everyone had really great ideas, which involved everything from lighting a fire, poping a balloon, using water somehow etc.

Below is the photograph of one of the mechanisms that I worked on. It is necessarily an energy amplifier, wherein one incoming marbel would cause more number of marbels to be released. At this point we werent sure have we were going to get that first marbel and also what we were going to do with so many marbels, but none the less we had this thing working.

Energy amplifier

So after having finished this, our final mechanism came into place, the following two videos show the explaination of the mechanism and working run of the same.

And here’s one of the working run’s of the machine. We broke many eggs that day, but I only managed to take a video of one run 😦


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