Physical Computing Improv

Last week we had a quick physical computing assignment for networked objects class. We had to combine an action with an object to create one or more responses from a given list for all three of them. I came up with an idea of a game where, you have a bouncing ball on the screen, with other particles around. White particles giving positive points and red ones giving negative ones. There was a physical ball which the person can squeze to make the size of the ball on screen bigger. The objective of the game was to collect as many white particles as possible and avoid the red ones to make a high score in a given time. Hence the user would have to regulate the squezing of the ball.

Problems encountered:
1. I didnt add a voltage divider circuit with the FSR (Force Sensitive Resistor) which created fluctuating readings.
2. The ball was filled with a synthetic material which accounted for a lot of static electricity giving a full reading all the time.
3. FSR works best when kept on a solid flat surface……..

Bouncing ball setup


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