Mousetrap Car

Last week the assignment for the Mechanisms class was to make a mousetrap car. A mechanical car that is powered by the spring of a mouse trap. The objective was to compete in a race over 10 feet. I worked with Vikram on this assignment, and we came up with what’s shown below. It uses three bearings(two at the back and one in the front). The mousetrap’s spring is attached to a nylon thread, which in turn is wound around the axle of the rear wheels. Hence once the mousetrap is tripped, it pulls the thread and in turn makes the car go forward.

As our car was made in wood, it had become too heavy to gain initial speed, so we tried reducing as much weight as possible by making cut outs in the wheels. Other problems faced during the assignment include:

1) Finding the right sized shaft for the bearings
2) Attaching the bearings to the chassis and the shaft to the bearings.

Although we lost the race, we were pretty satisfied with our car. (Am sure if it had been a race over 15 feet we would have won 😦 )

Top view


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