Tetris people

For the next project we were asked to get inspired by any of the painting styles of various painters or anything else that we might feel closely connected to. And lately I have been reliving my old nintendo days and hence have been spending a lot of time playing nothing else but Tetris.

Hence this project is inspired by and dedicated to Tetris. Once the program is trigered, it captures a live image from the webcam, and then tries to recreate the whole image using tetris blocks. The way this goes on is that it checks the color value of neighboring pixels, and if they do not differ more than the set threshold, it goes on the check the next pixel, thus trying to fit a straight line first. If one of the pixels doesnt match on the way, it then shifts to making another block, so on and so forth. Once the whole image is recreated, it animates the image just like the tetris blocks(In this case they fly up instead of falling down).

The interesting part here is how both the tetris blocks and the image live together, without losing too much of their own identity.

The video below shows a screen capture of the application. The image is seen more clearly from a greater distance.


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