Galvanic Skin Response

Galvanic Sking Response is basically the resistance of your body. And it could be measure as easily as connecting two copper plates. One copper plate is attached to a power supply and the other one is connected to the microcontroller that measures the resistance of the body when you touch them with your finger tips.

The GSR is highly sensitive to emotions in some people. Fear, anger, startle response, orienting response and sexual feelings are all among the emotions which may produce similar GSR responses. There is also a direct response between how relaxed or tensed you are to your body resistance.

Then the project was extended to measure the GSR over a period of time. For this, I madetwo GSR sensors and hooked up each of them to myself and my wife, while watching a movie. I figured the best way to get good responses of interest or boredom would be by watching a movie.

The graph below shows the GSR input over a period of 2 hours.

It was really interesting to see how our responses were very different at times, but also very similar at other times during the movie. It would be really great to see what was exactly going on when the rises and falls happened in the graph.

I also created another application that would layer the two graphs over each other so that, I know where I was more interested and where I was not with respect to my wife.

The image below shows a few parts of that graph.


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