Modularity is a very interesting theme. The more I think about it the more I find it ever so present everywhere and in everything. After all everything is a module of some larger system, its all about the reference. Reminds me of the movie Powers of 10 by Charles and Ray Eames.

Amaltas is a Lamp shade made of a very simple hexagonal module. I knew that any hexagonal structure would tesalate in 2 dimension, hence I started exploring various modules in flash, for the ease of modifying all instances by modifying the main movieclip.

The images below show some of the different patterns formed

I finalized on the last pattern, as it generated a nice floral effect.

The next thing to resolve was the joiner. Initially i wanted to just make two half cuts and slide them into each other, but that wouldnt be stable and strong, hence I decided to make two outer cuts on one side and a central slit on the other, so that sides could be folded and slid into each other.

The images below show the progressive growth of the pattern.

The images below shows the smaller version of the lamp.

The images below show the longer version of the lamp.

As the lamp is modular, it allows for creating various different sizes and shapes using the same module.

I couldnt come up with a good name for the lamp earlier, but when I completed the longer version, it was pretty apparent that it reminded me of one of my favorite flower, which is called Amaltas in Hindi, and hence the name.


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