Time of Light

The theme for this week was energy, ecology and sustainability. When I start thinking about my connection with energy, the first thing that comes to mind is the absense of the same, which is ever to frequent back in India. We used to have power cuts for almost an entire day every week. Also with the first drop of rain, the electricity would go off. Which would create these interesting opportunities for an impromptu candle light dinner.

Hence when I started thinking about energy, I was drawn towards making something that does not use electric energy at all, and I still wanted to make a lighting piece. Hence the obvious choice was to go for candles. I tried coming up with a lamp shade, or some other lighting using a candle, but couldn’t come up with anything that was interesting or possible within the time span of a week.

So that brings us to the piece. I somehow have this inclination to makes things functional. Hence “Time of Light” is basically a candle clock.  It allows to measure the time since the candle was lit through the shadows of numbers.

Once you light up the candle, you mark on the wall the starting position of the line of “0”. And then as time passes the candle moves down and the shadows move up. So after an hour, you should be able to see the line of “1” at the point where you marked on the wall.

Other than giving an idea of the amount of passing time, it also creates a very interesting and flickering visuals on the wall.

It can also be used as an alaram by sticking a pin in the candle. When the candle melts away to the point where the pin is, it would release the pin, causing it to fall and make a sound.

The image below shows the candle with the pin.


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