Ever since the last assignment I have been fascinated with the vinyl cut letters. I feel they are extremely empowering and very useful. I used a bunch of them to write a nice quote on one of the walls at my house recently and it was really fun to doing all the letter and word spacing manually.

The theme for this week was open source and open software. So while going through things in my head, one thing came up which I always wanted to do and somehow had never found the time to do it.

In my house, we have many of these electricity pipes that run along the wall. So a few days back me and my wife decided to paint them bright red, just to give them importance and to brighten up the place. And some how it seemed to make almost perfect sense to have one of the characters from our collection of figures to be climbing up those pipes. So Bendy (Name of the character) had been on one of those pipes for a long time in our house. And sometime back we had spoken about this, that “Wouldnt it be nice to just have a bunch of numbers from 1 to 31 put next to him on the pipe and then we could move him up and down to indicate the date of the month.

And thats how “Kalie” came into being.

So here are a few things that you need to make your own.

1) A plain wall with an electric pipe. Something like the image below. Its not required to color the pipe though.

2) A bunch of vinyl cut letters. You could use the same size and color. But I had a two sheets left and had to mix and match them to complete the numbers.

3) Your favorite figure. A simple note here. In case your pipe doesnt have any space between itself and the wall, you might need to add a magnet to the figure to make sure it sticks to the pipe well.

So first mark out your distances on the wall.
Then start sticking the numbers as you wish, just make sure you have enough distance between them for your figure to be able to point at the correct date.

Once you are done sticking the numbers, put your figure on and you are all done. Position the figure to point or indicate the current date, which in this photo is the 22nd.

Below are some more pictures of the same.

Have fun making your own Kalie.


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