Embodiment and physicality are pretty tricks concepts to design around. When I started thinking about embodiment, I started thinking what is it that makes me realise the most that I have body. And the answer is pain or discomfort. And somehow the first thing that came up in my mind was the difficulty I have in sitting crossleged over extended periods of time. And back in India, when I go visiting people, a lot of time one is expected to sit crossleged. And within 5-10 minutes I start becoming uncomfortable.

So I decided to make something that would help sitting crossleged for a long time, providing good support for the back as well.

And thats what “Gamcha” does. Essentially its a long piece of cloth, which if used properly can provide very good lumbar support while sitting down crossleged. Gamcha in Hindi actually means a peace of long cloth.

In order to use it, you would wrap it around your back, and then slide it through the legs in the front.

You can regulate the tension in the gamcha by sliding it back and forth through your legs. And once you build up properly tension in the cloth, it makes a pretty comfortable chair.


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